Baby Trend Inertia Infant Car Seat

Features Included in the Car Seat:

  • baby-trend-inertia-infant-car-seatHeight and weight: Made for infants 5-32 pounds and up to 32” tall
  • Reclining chair to promote health and comfort for the child
  • Reclining feature allows baby to breath easier and enjoy a more comfortable position
  • Harness System: 5 points without rethreading belts
  • Adjustable headrest that has 8 points included
  • Simple to install and set up
  • Rigid latch included
  • Has Adjustable car base with 4 positions and adjustable headrest
  • Foam that is EPS energy absorbing to protect from side impact

Everything You Should Know About the Baby Trend Inertia Seat

The Baby Trend Inertia Infant car seat is a popular one that has received mixed reviews. From incredibly positive reviews to very negative ones, it is up to you to read what we have to say about it, perform your own research, and then base your ultimate decision off of all of that information. Before you write off this car seat, let us fill you in on all there is to know about it. There are some great features you will enjoy included in this product that may make it worth the buy.

With three out of five stars on Amazon, this is by no means our first choice of car seats. However, it is still a solid option in our top three and is worth your consideration. So, what do you need to know about it?

The Seat Is Incredibly Comfortable for the Child

One of the main things reviewers bragged about is the fact that this seat is so comfortable. They are cushioned and created to sooth the baby while you drive. The seat reclines which is actually an incredibly smart feature. This not only makes it more relaxing and comfortable for your little one, but it also promotes a healthier ride by making breathing easier.

All About the Size

baby-trend-inertia-infant-car-seat2Size is one reason this product got some negative reviews. However, this is all based on personal preference. The seat is pretty large when compared to other brands, but that does not mean this is a bad thing. It is also wider than other options, making it impossible to fit in a tiny car. If you have a big enough vehicle and you do not mind it being a little bigger than average car seats, this is a great choice for you.

That being said, if your car is big and you do not care if your child sits behind the driver’s seat, this will not pose a problem for you.

Setup and Installation of the Product

Pretty much everyone who purchased the Baby Trend seat said the setup and installation of it was incredibly smooth and easy. As long as the vehicle was big enough for it to fit, this process took only a few minutes. There are detailed instructions that come with the product if you run into any issues.

The great thing about the product is that it is highly secure and locks right into the car seat, giving the parent no concerns over the child’s safety. This can help ease your mind because you will know your baby is tight and safe in the vehicle.

Customer Service and Shipping

When it comes to customer service, the company is great with responding quickly to any questions and concerns from customers. However, A few people claimed the chest clip broke after a few months of use.

While this is a serious problem because the seat is basically useless without the clip, the company was great with responding fast and resolving the problem right away. They went above and beyond and sent two extra clips with free shipping to make things right. On that note, word has it that they are working on a newly designed clip, so hopefully this will not be an issue in the future.

As far as shipping goes, they are very fast. You can expect to receive your product within a few days of ordering it and it arrives in perfect condition.

Summary of the Positives and Negatives

baby-trend-inertia-infant-car-seat3To break it down for you, there are some excellent things about this seat but there are also some negative things that should raise concern.

It is very safe, very sturdy, and is comfortable with a convenient reclining option. While this is true, having a weak chest clip should be a great concern for any parent. Perhaps do some research and find out if the clip has been redesigned yet before ordering. If not, you can either choose to chance it and end up calling customer service for a new one when it breaks, or you may need to go with another product in the meantime.

Final Verdict for the Baby Trend Inertia Seat

After doing a ton of research and reading the feedback from past and current users, we have come up with a final verdict for the Inertia car seat. We found that it is, indeed, a quality product that keeps your little one safe and sound on the road. It is simple to use and install and it provides more comfort than other brands, meaning your infant will likely doze off easier in this seat.

The biggest negative we found was regarding the poorly made chest clip. While this is a big issue, the company is working on a new, sturdier one and will happily provide you with a replacement if it does break.

Every car seat has good things and bad things about it, so browse through the site to read reviews on other options and then you can make an informed decision. It is always a good idea to ask other parents you know and trust what seats they use and what they like or do not like about them.

Remember that your baby’s safety is at stake depending on what product you pick, so rest assured that the Inertia is a good option on the market today.

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